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8 ways I remember my mother

April 14, 2017


  1 Wanting desperately to share with her everything I knew would make her happy things we had in common things I knew would make room for itself inside of her heart little ways I could write my name in her heart beside them “this came from me”   2 A Marlboro red freshly lit […]

5 a.m.

November 26, 2012


or sometime before (I’m not sure, but it was at 5 a.m. that I checked my phone for the time) that my brain decides to drudge up memories I’d rather leave packed neatly in boxes labeled “from 2009, don’t open unless you’ve imbibed at least 3 bottles of wine and are alone” to parade in […]


October 28, 2012


The occasional nostalgia that happens upon me during the summer occurs tenfold during the fall and winter seasons and is usually followed by the sudden urge to vomit. I don’t know if this is somehow tied to my anxiety, and that the memories I relive – spurred by the smell of cold air and dried […]


December 19, 2011


Bump, bump, bump – a beat. The van has a rhythm it keeps, But the space in here shrinks, Makes it hard not to think. It’s hard not to think of you. Sharpie on a map marks the drive. Four days later I arrive To a place that’s familiar to me, And free of the […]