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A mom-ento: Another mother’s day.

May 12, 2017


A mom-ento for #mothersday #deadmomsclub #acoa

Living right

April 13, 2017


there are times I think about how shitty life can be because people are really awful and you and I must watch and see   a world destroy itself humanity torn apart but one thing keeps me going when times get really hard:   one day I’ll be dead and one day you’ll be dead […]

Day Five

April 5, 2017


We meet for Sunday tea at the cafe around the corner under the painted wooden sign with the letters you can’t read   It’s a short walk down the road under clouds that float like feathers and a sun that’s warm like chocolate when it’s melted on a stove   The carriages go creaking across the cobblestones […]

Every year, an October note

October 2, 2016


Seven years ago today I will wake up to a phone call that you were at your apartment, had trouble breathing, called an ambulance, went into cardiac arrest, but had signed a DNR. You will be legally dead. There is nothing I can do. You are an organ donor, so they have kept you on […]

The time has come

April 28, 2016


“So it goes,” the walrus said, “as it does with everything: With sun – and moon – and young, first love – with life – and with all dreams – and with the wind that blows the ocean and with the tree’s loose leaves.”   “But can’t I keep it?” I asked he, holding to […]

Another year in the books

October 2, 2015


I remember October 2, 2009. I remember the early morning phone call from my aunt that my mom would die. I remember the call two days later during which I consented to have my mom taken off life support. I wonder, does that mean you died twice, mom? I remember crying for what felt like the […]

Visiting mom

April 16, 2015


I find the box in the back of the closet add water and stir with a bit of clay you’re back to normal well, what’s let of you anyway   For the sake of authenticity I slip a cigarette between your ash-clay lips find a lighter and make fire watch as embers absorb the tip […]