Living right

Posted on April 13, 2017


there are times I think about

how shitty life can be

because people are really awful

and you and I must watch and see


a world destroy itself

humanity torn apart

but one thing keeps me going

when times get really hard:


one day I’ll be dead

and one day you’ll be dead

and we can both pretend

this was all in our heads


maybe they’ll dress us up

and make us look alive

and put us in a box

so everyone can cry


they’ll talk about the “good times”

and maybe eat buffet

in a church we never went to

but it makes them feel okay


because our bodies will begin rotting

and be buried underground

and soon our flesh will disappear

and only our bones will hang around


meanwhile our souls will float away

past mountains and into the sky

that is, if that’s what happens

to our souls when we all die


or maybe we’ll go to hell

and burn for eternity

but I’d rather burn away

if it meant you’d be near me


or maybe we’ll fade away

like an old photograph

that was left out in the sun

and now falls apart in your hands


we’ll just blink out of existence

like someone just hit “delete”

after writing out our sentence

a one-life term that was complete


but one day this will end

and we will both be free

in heaven, hell or nothing

or something inbetween


at least it will be different

that is, unless hell is more of this

in which case let’s agree then

that next time we won’t give a shit


we’ll litter wind with  caution

drink all day, stay up all night

if hell is more of living

we’ll make sure we’re living our lives right


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