The time has come

Posted on April 28, 2016


“So it goes,” the walrus said,

“as it does with everything:

With sun – and moon – and young, first love –

with life – and with all dreams –

and with the wind that blows the ocean

and with the tree’s loose leaves.”


“But can’t I keep it?”

I asked he, holding to my chest

the box that held your ashes

and our history in flashes.

At fork in road we would part ways

unless I won these matches.


“So it goes,” he said this time,

his voice a little softer.

I knew he would not take my words

and nothing I could offer

would do to pay the boatman’s fee

but keep you from the water.


I raised my eyes and dared not breathe.

My shaking hands did open

and release you from white-knuckled grasp.

And so like this we part at last –

you ferried across the river.

And here am I stuck in the past.

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