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November 30, 2013


Death is a loss, but not an end. Lives never end, cease or disappear. There are mementos everywhere in memories, slips of paper, books or tall tales. People never end. Advertisements

My hips don’t lie

November 23, 2013


These hips don’t lie They tell the truth Of the hundred drinks I used to try To drown the thought of you And they move cause they must It’s the requirement of their position Holding up a broken back And a heart that lacks a piece of mind And they find hands they don’t want In clubs […]

I had

November 23, 2013


I had a promise ring once But that promise wasn’t enough And your arms around my neck Didn’t keep me warm at night So I fight against what tells me Not to trust The words out Of a man’s mouth A mean mouth Of wills but won’ts And do’s but don’ts I just want some […]

Gotta keep on

November 3, 2013


…and then there are days that never seem to end like Earth stops spinning to trap sunlight in the same place and I feel sometimes like I could easily slip back into four or five years ago and experience a smile from a different time or the rain on that day but I tap the […]