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Those Streets

June 29, 2013


When the streets you paved Are now made of decaying memories, You must move on. You can’t go back. But leaving them behind Can feel like abandoning All you were, and all your dreams, And everything, Everything you ever made yourself out of. So, who are you now, Now that you’re somewhere else? Are you […]


June 28, 2013


Like a stone thrown in deep water Like an empty sleep Like your stomach under knowing gaze Like rain into rivers’ streams Like tears in space Like words too heavy to speak Like a charm lost from a broken chain Like the sun into the sea


June 26, 2013


My hair dreams of being curly it wonders what it would be like to have curly thoughts, to tie in knots, to wind up like clock hands, hands bound in luxurious twisters, to hold a shape for 24 hours, to be called “slinky”